Woods Or Harrington For Player of the Year?

The International Herald Tribune puts it this way: Two majors versus four months of greatness.

That’s what it really comes down to this year. Does Tiger Woods deserve Player of the Year honors for winning four out of six, including a US Open Title, before a season ending knee surgery, or does it go to Padraig Harrington for his victories at the Open Championship and the PGA?

I give my vote to Harrington. A torrid stretch such as Tiger experienced is one thing, but sucking it up and putting together two victories in the Majors—and back to back at that—is an amazing feat.

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1 thought on “Woods Or Harrington For Player of the Year?”

  1. I would give the edge to Harrington just because Tiger plays with a swing that tore up his knee.  That’s like saying “Honey I brought home a new car.  The only problem is I stole it.”  Yeah, you got the new car, but maybe not the way you should have gone about it.


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