Woods Should Take The Rest Of The Summmer Off

Tiger says he’s out of the British Open. If I were his mentor, I’d advise him to take the rest of the summer off—enjoy life, get it back together, find a new hobby (other than chasing women), heal completely and practice. And more than anything—learn to play golf for fun again.

I volunteer to be his “fun” partner. I’m not awestruck by celebrity, don’t have a stake in Tiger Woods, Inc., and am perfectly willing to call a duck a duck.

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2 thoughts on “Woods Should Take The Rest Of The Summmer Off”

  1. Well, if he is out for the Open, I can’t see him back for the PGA in 4 weeks – so that is it for the summer.  He would have to win one of the 3 Cup events prior to AND win the TOUR Championship to win the Cup, so it would be pointless to play in that. 

    Maybe he will do something in the silly season.

  2. I wonder if this is coming.  Woods has scheduled an impromptu interview with Kelly Tilghman, Monday morning at 11am EST.


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