Woods Slams Opponents

In an post-PGA interview, Tiger called out his opponents for their lack of physical fitness:

Tiger Woods said the hours he dedicates to fitness training had paid off as he won his 13th major at the USPGA at Oklahoma’s sweltering Southern Hills.

“Other guys have gotten tired. You see their shoulders slumping and dragging. I feel fine,” the 31-year-old said.

“You should always train hard and bust your butt. Not everyone considers golf a sport and they don’t treat it as such. You pay the price.”

That’s a pretty strong statement from Tiger, who is renowned for talking without actually saying anything during interviews. What he’s doing is calling his opponents fat and out of shape.

It might be true, but it’s a surprising statement coming from Tiger.

2 thoughts on “Woods Slams Opponents”

  1. It would have been better if he had just come flat out and called Daly a fatty and made a comment about Phil’s moobs, and slammed Rory in there too.

  2. Honestly, he’s dead on accurate though.  He works harder than most golfers out there, and his work ethic shows.


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