Working On A New Game Plan

This week I decided that I’ve wasted one too many shots trying to loft a high wedge shot to the green and instead skulling it to the other side. No more. I’m now going to chip and pitch my way to the green, in classic British Open style.

So I got out my Palm Pilot and called up the notes that I took a couple of years ago while taking lessons on chipping and pitching from my pro friend. Here they are:

Feet more together. Weight toward front foot. Keep hands ahead of the ball. Use a long putting stroke. Do NOT use hands to try to hit the ball. You target is the landing spot, not the hole.

It’s been working very well. I’ve played three rounds this week, and have not used a wedge on any shot closer than 60 yards or so (other than in sand). I’ve also not skulled any shots and flown the green. I have left a few short, but I’m still feeling the range.

It helps that I have not faced any shots thirty yards short of the green in high rough. That’s a shot I’m sure I can’t pitch out of.

The seven is my favorite club for chipping, but I’m also using the eight, nine, gap wedge and pitching wedge, depending on the distance and what I’ve to to clear.

A friend watched my little display and commented that he couldn’t do it because he couldn’t convince himself to leave a shot short of the green. He had no confidence that they would bounce on and roll.

That’s a fear that I had to get over, too. But when the ball comes in low, and you’ve struck it hard enough, it’s going to skip and run.



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  1. It is whatever you feel comfortable with.  I lost my feel for my lob wedge and went back to low 56 degree punch chips that check up real quick.

    No worrying about getting it up high and landing soft.  I also putt a lot of my shots that are just off the green.  I get them much closer than any chip.


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