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Since the advent of metal woods, the game of golf has been inundated with countless technological innovations. Every single year, new balls are introduced that claim to help golfers hit further and more accurately; laser range finders give golfers the distance to the hole within half a meter; even phone apps can now track players’ swings and give pointers. The golf industry is obsessed with helping golfers remove a couple strokes off their scores, but no one seems to care about making the golfing experience any better… not until showed up, that is.

Worldwide Virtual Golf (WVG) is all about adding a greater sense of competition to your typical round of golf. It allows golfers from around the world to compete in tournaments from different courses and even on different days. So now, every time you head out to the course, you could be competing against friends in different states, or golfers in other countries. This isn’t a video game; Worldwide Virtual Golf is about real courses, real tournaments, and golfers’ raw skills.

Tournaments hosted on Worldwide Virtual Golf allows the WVG Handicap Algorithm to calculate scores based on USGA Course Slope ratings, and factors out course difficulty so that scores represent golfers’ talent and proficiency in the sport. This makes competition possible between golfers on different courses. Worldwide Virtual Golf is offering free One Year Memberships to everyone that joins until December 31st, 2015, so sign up today!

There are three types of tournaments golfers can sign up for on Worldwide Virtual Golf: Private, Worldwide, and Major Pro.

  1. Private – Easily create custom tournaments between any number of golfers. Challenge friends, even if they play on different courses or days. (it can also be used as free Tournament Management Software for formal competitions)
  2. Worldwide – Weekly global competition available to all WVG Members. When you sign up for the Worldwide Tournament, you will be competing in the largest golf tournament in the world! See where you stand on the global rankings.
  3. Major Pro – It’s you versus the Pros in this “just-for-fun” tournament. Sign up, and you will be placed in the lineup of the four Majors! You will be given a small ‘boost’ to your score to stand a better chance, but you will still have to challenge yourself on the course to really succeed in these tournaments.

Members have the ability to create custom Groups of other WVG Members to better organize golf friends, easily communicate with all group members at once, and quickly set up tournaments with the right people. The site features a Forum where members can discuss everything from Tour news to selling or buying equipment. is also available as a mobile version, perfectly optimized to allow you to quickly enter scores and join tournaments from anywhere, even on the course! Access the mobile site at:

Upgrade your golf experience today by Signing Up for Worldwide Virtual Golf! A One Year Membership is FREE for everyone that signs up, no credit card info required (offer available until 12/31/15).



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