Worst Spam Message Ever

I have to delete a lot of spam messages from the golf forums. Most are written in garbled English. Few, however, make as little sense as this one:

Title: shanghai escorts
Message:According to reports, the appearance of two police patrol boats 26 meters long, 4.4 meters wide, can carry 16 people, even when fully loaded state of deep calm water speed of up to 50 km / h and a range of more than 20 hours therefore can afford security patrols, counter-terrorism anti-riot, it is important water security, water rescue and escort work, and the multiple security response alarm daily tasks, is used for police patrols of the most advanced water craft.

New patrol boat is not only “are bigger,” do not have heaven and earth inside. It reported is that the installation of mobile patrol boats Electronic Camera Can Wireless transmission Signals, real-time image information within a clearly visible not only in the patrol, but also sync back to land-based command center, the big screen. Moreover, the command center can remotely control the camera, the image information at any time view the board for water authorities to grasp the dynamics of science policy-making and command and provide the basis for disposal.

It’s so bad, it’s actually funny.

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5 thoughts on “Worst Spam Message Ever”

  1. Some of these are what I call “feeler” spam.  They try to get one comment approved, which in some systems then allows them to post more.

    I delete a massive amount of spam on a daily basis.  Thinking of writing my own security code which will let the bots think they’re posting, but will not post the comments.  Even better would be a countermeasure which attacks the bots and disables them when they try to spam…  I’ll get to that right after I cure cancer…


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