X-Golf Opening In Ann Arbor

X-Golf Opening In Ann Arbor
X-Golf Opening In Ann Arbor


X-Golf Opening In Ann Arbor

Winter months are hard on golf addicts in Michigan. Some, like myself, play outdoors whenever snow leaves the ground, regardless of temperature. Others play in a golf simulator. Most, however, seem to just hang up their cleats from November until April.

The area around GolfBlogger Headquarters in Ann Arbor has several courses that are open year-round, as well as several golf simulator facilities.

And a new one soon will open off Michigan Avenue between Ann Arbor and Saline: X-Golf Ann Arbor

X-Golf Ann Arbor, 1345 E. Michigan Ave., in Saline, features five amazing X-Golf Simulators along with food and full beverage service. The Grand Opening is Saturday, October 28 at 11 a.m.

“X-Golf has given us the opportunity to bring the most advanced golf technology from around the world right to the people of Ann Arbor,” said Jeff Tapp of X-Golf. “From the automatic ball teeing system to the most comprehensive indoor tracking system in the industry, it’s amazing what you can do and just how much fun it is to play. I really can’t wait to see the golfers play, compete, and relax at X-Golf Ann Arbor.”

For more information on the business offerings, technology, events and promotions at X-Golf Ann Arbor, contact Jeff Tapp or visit xgolfannarbor.com or xgolfannarbor on Facebook.

Jeff Tapp jeff@xgolfannarbor.com

John Miller john@xgolfannarbor.com

Or call X-Golf Ann Arbor at 734-316-7379

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