Yonex Cyberstar Nanospeed Ti Driver

Yonex Cyberstar Nanospeed Ti Driver

The Yonex Cyberstar driver combines a composite crown with a titanium face and sole.

The Nanospeed in the name refers to the manufacturing process, in which the individual carbon fibres are fused together, reducing the need for resin. Yonex says that this reduces by 20% the amount of weight in the crown—weight which is then redistributed to the perimeter. The same technology also is applied to the shaft, resulting in a lighter, and thus faster product. The company also apples nano technology to the titanium alloys in the club.

Yonex engineers also have reduced the weight at the butt end of the shaft and moved it toward the head. When combined with the tungsten sole weight, this should help accelerate the clubhead through the bottom of the arc like a pendulum.

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