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I love board games—especially those of the “Euro” variety, such as The Settlers of Catan,Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride —and so am always on the lookout for games about golf. Zelosport’s Finger Golf thus interests me immensely. It’s a “dexterity” game, along the lines of Pitch Car, a racing game in which you flick with your fingers small flat wooden disks around a track.

Zelosport’s Finger Golf is played by flicking similar wooden disks around a 2×4 foot vinyl mat representing a golf course. According to a Board Game Geek Review:

The game board consists of three types of holes, a par 3, a par 4, and a par 5. Each of these hole types are played several times until a total of 18 holes are played. The Par 4 hole is played 10 times while the other two holes are played four times each.

Playing the holes consists of aiming for targets. For the Par 4 hole there is a “safe zone” between two red lines in the fairway. The disc must land in-between these lines or the player is accessed a one stroke penalty and forced to attempt the tee shot again. During game play, on two specific Par 4 tries the player is allowed to ignore the “safe zone” and may attempt to “go for the green”.

The Par 3 is a shot onto an island green.

The Par 5 gives the players a choice when teeing off. There are two safe zones. The player may attempt to land in safe-zone #2 and subsequently try to put the disc on the green the next shot. I must admit, this is a difficult shot to make since the length of the shot is almost the entire four feet and being slightly off on your flick has a large impact. The other option is to attempt to land in the easier area of Safe-Zone #1, but the second shot must be to Safe-Zone #2 before an attempt to put the disc on the green can be made.

You should read the entire review for a proper feel.

I might ask for this for Father’s Day.

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  1. Beginning to wish I was a father myself, this game looks like a blast!  Anything that can bring friends together, is a little out of the ordinary, and brings golf into the mix sounds pretty great in my book.  I may be tracking this down for myself.


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