Zevo Up and In Chipper

Does it make sense to put a one trick pony in your bag? If you’re a high handicapper, I think it does. High handicappers tend not to hit a lot of greens, and then often waste a shot or two trying to get the ball onto the surface to putt.  A dedicated chipping putter could drastically reduce the number of fat, thin and otherwise wasted shots around the green.

When my short game abandons me—as it does a couple of times a summer—I often will fall back on a chipping club that I have called a Slippery Frog. It was a Maltby Golfworks product that no longer is available, but it works on the same principle as the Zevo. It’s got a wide sole that makes it impossible to chili dip, so you can sweep easily sweep the ball off the turf. I use my chipper from as far out as thirty yards—its much safer than a tricky half wedge.

The club I take out for my chipper often is my five iron. I am rarely at a five iron distance from the hole—and when I am, it’s just as easy to hit an easy four.

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