Zohar Sharon Is The World’s Best Blind Golfer

The Washington Post has an article and video on Zohar Sharon, the blind golfer who has won the International Blind Golf Association’s world tournament six times in ten years. He has won various titles in Japan, Australia, Canada and Scotland.

Zohar Sharon, blind golfer
Zohar Sharon and his caddie.

Sharon also competes against sighted players, both for fun and for charity events. He often beats them.

The United States Blind Golf Association was established in 1953, and runs tournaments with both blind and visually impaired divisions.

Players like Sharon have have the assistance of a sighted caddy or coach who helps line up shots and keep track of balls. The golfers follow the established rules of golf with two exceptions:  players are allowed to ground clubs in hazards and may have their coach stand behind them when lining up putts.



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