103 Year Golf Golfer Hits Hole In One

In late December, Gus Andreone hit his eighth career hole-in-one at the age of 103.

There is just so much to celebrate here:

First, that he is even playing golf at 103. That’s an age at which if you’re even still on the planet, you’re in a wheelchair.

Second, that he managed to hit a hole in one speaks to a certain degree of golfing competence.

Third, he’s apparently now the oldest person to hit a hole in one.

And finally, that it’s his EIGHTH hole-in-one.

Your humble GolfBlogger has three aces. That’s more than enough for anyone. Eight is astronomical.

Congratulations to Gus, and I hope you have many more rounds of golf ahead of you.

As for me, I now have something to aspire to.

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