Adidas Powerband Golf Shoes

Adidas’s new Powerband golf shoes are just the thing for the technologically obsessed.

Featuring a “powerband chassis,” Adidas says that the shoes are designed to promote lateral stability, which in turn promotes the leverage needed to generate more power.

For comfort, the Powerbands are equipped with a “visco-elastic foam” that’s supposed to mold itself to the the exact shape of your foot. In the shoe’s bed, a substence called “adiPrene” is supposed to provide a “fast, reactive response for immediate feedback to promote improved footwork for better weight transfer and balance.”

And that’s not all. The shoes have something called a “Grip Zone” which is supposed to secure the foot securely “turning the foot and shoe into a single solid unit” and and new kidney shaped lugs to prevent slippage.

Good heavens.

I just hope they feel good and wear well.


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3 thoughts on “Adidas Powerband Golf Shoes”

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