Altwell CBD Tincture Review

Altwell CBD Tincture Review Pictured Altwell Tincture

Altwell CBD Tincture Review

Altwell CBD Tincture
Manufacturer’s Site
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Finally a CBD tincture with a nice flavor

If you are a believer in the power of CBD to help reduce stress I think you owe it to yourself to try the Altwell CBD Tincture. It’s the first tincture I’ve tried that actually has a pleasant flavor and mouthfeel.

Not to throw shade on other brands, but the ones I have tried up to this point had a very oily, slightly unpleasant taste. A couple have made me gag (and thus they didn’t get a review; life is too short to spend time writing bad things). The Altwell tincture is still CBD suspended in a triglyceride, but the ginger-honey flavor makes it much more palatable — even pleasant.

CBD is said to reduce anxiety and stress (and possibly insomnia) by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and influencing receptors involved in serotonin modulation. Multiple studies have shown it works; others have produced less enthusiastic results.

As with anything of this sort, it is hard for me to offer a definitive answer as to whether the Altwell CBD Tincture works. With no control group, I can’t know if I’m feeling calm on a particular day because of the tincture, or if I would have felt calm simply because it was that kind of day. I also can’t eliminate the possibility that the calm is the result of a placebo effect.

That said, I think it works.

The vial I have is one fluid ounce (30mL) and contains 750mg CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract suspended in medium chain triglycerides. The dosage is 25MG CBD per dropper (1 mL).

Altwell pursues quality control to a fairly impressive degree. They source their hemp from Colorado growers, test the product with independent third party labs and will provide certificates of analysis for any product purchased. All products are traced from seed to shelf.

If you are inclined to use a CBD product, I think it is Altwell’s lineup.

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