Bandon Trails Photo Gallery

Bandon Trails Photo Gallery
The third at Bandon Trails is a 549 yard par 5.

Bandon Trails Photo Gallery

Bandon Trails at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is a masterful Coore and Crenshaw design routed through woodlands, hills and dunes along the Oregon Coast. While visually it looks more akin to a Northern Michigan course, it plays like its sister courses at Bandon Dunes golf resort: hard-and-fast, with regular input from the wind.

The first hole cuts across the crestline of a grassy dune, which also is where the second begins. By the third hole, however, players are fully immersed in forests of cedar and spruce. Bandon Trails lives up to its name, winding through the Oregon coastal woodlands, over dunes, and past some marsh and ponds. It is a beautiful and peaceful walk through the woods. In Bandon Trails, Coore and Crenshaw created a course that looks entirely unforced and natural.

This view (sans golf course), from a spot near the 14th hole is reportedly what Mike Keiser was shown by Shorty and Charlotte Dow when he was looking for land to build a course. The rest is history.

A highlight of the round is the view from the fourteenth hole. As you exit the thirteenth, a cart is waiting to drive you a short distance up a steep hill to the thirteenth tee. There, on the western edge, lies a marker which designates the spot where Mike Keiser was first shown the property which would become Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. It is a spectacular view, and even with the golf course now showing its fairways, it is easy to imagine what inspired Keiser.

The fourteenth at Bandon Trails is a 325 yard downhill par 4.

After taking in the view, it is a lot of fun to send the ball careening far downhill to the massive green.

A photo tour of Bandon Trails golf course at Bandon Dunes Golf resort follows.

Bandon Trails Photo Gallery

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