Best Michigan Golf Courses To See Fall Color

There’s nothing quite like autumn golf in Michigan with the cool, dry days; great conditions (assuming the leaves are raked; lower rates; uncrowded courses and; spectacular fall colors.

Here are some great courses to turn to when in search of fall color in southern Michigan. Frankly, pretty much any course you play in Northern Michigan will fit the bill:

  1. Binder Park Golf Course, Battle Creek, Michigan
  2. Bucks Run Golf Course, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
  3. Concord Hills Golf Course, Jackson, Michigan
  4. Coyote Preserve Golf Course, Fenton, Michigan
  5. Gull Lake View East Course, Augusta, Michigan
  6. Hawk Hollow Golf Course, Bath, Michigan
  7. Hudson Mills Golf Course, Dexter, Michigan
  8. Leslie Park Golf Course, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  9. Lyon Oaks Golf Course, Wixom, Michigan
  10. Forest Akers West Golf Course, East Lansing, Michigan
  11. Moose Ridge Golf Course, South Lyon, Michigan
  12. Pierce Lake Golf Course, Dexter, Michigan
  13. Pilgrim’s Run Golf Course, Pierson, Michigan
  14. Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Course, Clarkson, Michigan
  15. Stoatin Brae, Augusta, Michigan
  16. Stonehedge South Course, Augusta, Michigan
  17. The Emerald Golf Course, St. Johns, Michigan
  18. The Majestic Golf Course, Hartland, Michigan
  19. The Medalist Golf Course, Marshall, Michigan
  20. Timber Ridge Golf Course, East Lansing, Michigan


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