Bionik 101 White Nano Putter Review


Bionik 101 White Nano Putter

My league golfing partner struggled for a long time with the flatstick, trying many several different models and styles. On a hunch, I gave him the Nano Bionik that I had received as a “review copy.” He thought the “feel” was right, as were the optic white and alignment markers. He improved almost immediately and has since become a very good putter.

I’m not saying that this putter will solve your woes on the greens—putters are too much a personal thing for any one to fit all. I am, however, suggesting that the Bionik Nano is worth a look. If I were not so much a devotee of the center shafted Boccieri Heavy Putter I wield, this would be a regular visitor in my bag. I especially liked the milled insert.

The Bionik 101 Nano is priced at just under $30 and comes with a 30 Day play guarantee.

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