Champions Tour’s Ken Green Has Triple Tragedy

Champions Tour member Ken Green lost both is brother, and his girlfriend in an RV crash last week. Now it appears that he will lose his leg.

Green’s agent said that the damage to the right leg was so extensive that doctors will be forced to amputate below the knee.

Very sad.

More here.

2 thoughts on “Champions Tour’s Ken Green Has Triple Tragedy”

  1. This is awful.  My parents have been RV’rs since I was in high school 25 years ago.  On our first big trip west, my dad rented a rig, and when we were somewhere in Missouri or Kansas there was the aftermath of another RV wreck on the interstate, and I remember it so vividly because it looked like balsa wood strewn for 75 yards down the median with an engine, seats, and tires thrown in.  I have taken many trips with my parents since then, but I always think about that, especially when I am driving.  My mom & dad are not really that pleased with me because I will not allow my daughter to ride even on short trips with them in the RV (partly, I don’t understand why the law would allow a 4year old who has to be stapped in like a racecar driver in my over airbagged vehicles, but appearantly she can legally ride in an RV which will disintegrate on impact and cannot avoid accidents as well as a car can.)

    At some point, if our king allows us to have trucks with sufficent tow ability, I may get a trailer or fifth wheel, but I don’t think I would ever want an RV.  (Plus those fifth wheels are cool with bay windows and jacuzzi tubs and 4wheeler garages)


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