Custom Golf Ball Stamps Review

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Golf Ball Stamp
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A seemingly durable stamp, available in a variety of preset or custom designs. It takes some practice to get good impressions on a ball, though.

For custom golf ball prints, I know of three basic options: have the balls printed at the factory, have a custom Tin Cup made, or get a custom stamp. Of the three, the stamp is probably the most economical.

GolfBallStamp.Net provides the third option at a good price: $23.95 for a stamp sized up to 3/8” x 3/4. The website is very easy to use, and allows you to choose straight line text, initials or a monogram. Specific logo images can be uploaded. It’s important to size it correctly, though. I also suggest that you think seriously about how it might look when printed. Given the limits of rubber stamps on a round surface, lots of thin lines aren’t going to print very well.

My first thought was to upload a black-and-white version of the GolfBlogger logo, but I ultimately decided that given its dimensions and the interior detail, it wouldn’t print particularly well. So I instead decided to upload a small icon of my favorite critter, the Raven. It’s a good totem for a golfer. I took a photo that I had, and photoshopped it so to a solid black image on a white background. Then, I resized it to the proper dimensions. It uploaded in seconds. I received the stamp about a week later.

The stamp works fairly well, but I found there is a learning curve to making a good imprint. For me, the secret is crisply and with pressure rolling the ball across the stamp. Even with practice, though, it doesn’t always come out perfect. I suspect that a less complicated design, such as lettering, would do much better.

With the bad weather here in Michigan, I haven’t yet tested these stamps in action, but I can report that it takes some very vigorous rubbing to wipe out the imprint. I should think that it would survive a round very much intact.

The stamp is said to stamp many thousands of balls with the re-inking bottle sent with each stamp.

Recommended, especially if you just want initials.

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  1. Please take a look at our golf ball stamper, 57 designs and more on the way. Self contained very fast drying ink which will provide 75 to 125 stampings ….lasts for many rounds …..

    New products under development, including individual initials.



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