Daly Shoots 62 At Hong Kong Open

Last seen drying out in a cell in North Carolina, John Daly shot a 62 in the final round of the Hong Kong Open to move to a tie for 17th.

Next, he heads to the Australian Masters.

Maybe he’s still got a chance to return to the big show. The problem is that he doesn’t have any status on any tour anywhere. He’s playing on special invitations.

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2 thoughts on “Daly Shoots 62 At Hong Kong Open”

  1. So he sort of managed to put 18 good holes together.  Not too surprising, and with Daly, I doubt if anyone would be really surprised if he won a US tournament this year.  And even less surprising would be if his US appearances this year are more pitiful than last year or the year before. 

    The only thing which would surprise in either case is if he didn’t get drunk afterward.


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