FBR Open Is Exciting

Is there another “regular” event in golf that generates teh kind of excitement as the FBR Open?

I’m not talking about the way that JB Holmes destroyed the field and the course. It’s the excitement of the crowd—the wild cheering and the packed grandstands around the par 3. There were far more people there than will be in attendance at the Super Bowl tonight. I could feel the excitement through the television. Heck, these people didn’t even miss Tiger.

The PGA Tour needs more events with this kind of excitement.  They should drop their attempt to push the Player’s and declare this event the unofficial fifth Major. It certainly generates more buzz.

But I can’t let this go without writing about JB Holmes. Good heavens, can that guy drive the ball, or what? If he can perform like that on a regular basis, he’s going to be a force. The announcers were talking about how he would do at Augusta, and I have to agree: JB could challenge Tiger’s dominance there.

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