Fila’s Jasper Textured Fleece Performance Jacket Review

imageFila Jasper Textured Fleece Performance Jacket
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comment: Warm and luxurious

The beautiful finish of this Fila Textured Fleece Performance Jacket reminds me of nothing less than a velvet smoking jacket. If he ever got out of his pajamas, Hugh Hefner would wear this to the golf course. I don’t think I’ve ever worn such a luxurious fleece.

Velvety good looks aside, this jacket also is quite warm and perfectly suited for late fall/early winter temperatures here in Michigan. The fabric is moisture wicking, so when worn with a similarly constructed shirt, you won’t get clammy and cold from perspiration.

The Jasper’s sleeves are fitted with a nice velcro closure tab system, and there’s an elastic drawstring on the bottom to help cinch it shut. I’ve found that those features are a must with golf fleeces. There are two slash outer pockets, and what I think are two inner cargo style pockets. I say that I THINK that’s what they are, because they may also be just an artifact of the outer pocket construction.

In any case, the one thing I think is missing from this otherwise terrific jacket are zippers or velcro on the pockets. I like to know that swinging and walking are not going to result in the contents of my pocket falling out somewhere on the course.

PS: The guy in the photo is not The GolfBlogger. I’m MUCH more manly looking than that.

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