Final Round Dubai Desert Classic

After getting within striking distance yesterday, Tiger went out and shot a 75, putting him in a t20 for the week. World Number One Lee Westwood shot a 72 and ended up in a t15. Martin Kaymer threw up all over himself this weekend, finishing in a t31 with a 70 in the final round.

So much for the new triumvirate.

This surely is not what Tiger was hoping for at this point. I hope the Tour has a backup marketing plan.

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2 thoughts on “Final Round Dubai Desert Classic”

  1. I think that Finchem is going to be checking to see if he can get some saddles made up for Phil and Graeme. 

    Alternatively, Finchem may be checking into how many buxom, loose blondes he can find in every town, because it is looking like that may be the only fuel a tiger can run on.

  2. The loogie heard round the world!

    So Tiger Woods expells spit and snot onto the green on #12 and gets fined.  The Tiger groopies over at Devil Ball Blog are all in a snit that Europe would dare fine Tiger for something this insignificant.

    First, I think this is worse than leaving a ball mark in the green.  I will clean up your ball mark, you inconsiderate SOB- but if your line of snot is in my putt, I need to clean up after you?  Steve should have gone over there and wiped it up.  Some say you don’t need to worry about it, but if that loogie had a snot component, and 6 feet from the cup – that might just be a little sticky, and on a green rolling in the 13+ range, it could deflect, or more likely slow the ball at an unexpected rate.

    Second, if it was Daly, wouldn’t everyone expect a fine?  And Daly, these days, perhaps ever, doesn’t drop the F-bomb at anywhere near the rate Tiger does.  And I have to ask, if it was Bubba Watson getting fined, would people even care?  And Bubba Watson has won tournaments in the last 15 months. 

    This is after Devil Ball yesterday said “Quieros wins, Tiger remains the story”—only because they want him to remain the story.  To actual golfers, Quieros with an Eagle on par 4 #2, a Triple after two penalties and a ball in a tree is erased in 3 holes by birdie, par, ace –  and he wins – how is THAT not just about the whole story for yesterday?

    Reminds me why this blog is SO much better than the rest.  Not much drooling over the used-to-be-greatest-golfer-ever over here.


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