For Eighth Year, More Courses Close Than Open

The National Golf Foundation says that more courses closed than opened in 2013, making it the eighth straight year of decline.

One hundred fifty seven courses closed, while just fourteen opened.

In my mind, this is just a market correction after the overbuilding in the hopeful Tiger era. Eldrick’s popularity on television, however, never really materialized on the ground. Indeed, Tiger’s own projects have stalled.

The sad part of this is that the lower priced courses took the biggest hit. Of all closures,  66% were among courses with a sub-$40 peak greens fee.

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1 thought on “For Eighth Year, More Courses Close Than Open”

  1. For 2013, locally, I only know of the “New Rogell Golf Course” closing in Detroit.  There may have been some other casualties last year but I can’t recall.  Surely some of the other smaller tracks are on life support.


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