Golf Ball Sized Hail

The recent storms across the southern United States have brought a rash of headlines proclaiming “golf ball sized hail.”

Which leads me to wonder: Without golf balls, how would we measure hail?

3 thoughts on “Golf Ball Sized Hail”

  1. Without golfballs hail would be mearured in the following sequence:
    Dime, penny, nickel, quarter, golden dollar, half dollar, silver dollar.    Halfdollar would replace the golfball size. 

    It could also be mearured as :
    Raisen, testicle, grape, swollen testicle, and plum.  Although probably best to wait for the 10pm news before the weatherman said there is swollentesticle sized hail.

  2. Ummm…  “Just slightly larger than a ping-pong ball” sized hail?

    The reference to swollen testicle sized hail just sounds too painful! smile


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