Golf In The Zone Mental Training CD

Here’s a way you can work on your golf game while driving to work. (Hey, its no worse than driving while talking on the cell phone).

The Golf In The Zone 2 CD set offers help in the mental side of the game. As a golf coach, I can tell you that we all can use some help there.

From the cover text:

Learn to think like a champion on the golf course. ZoneCoach Jim Fannin reveals on audio CD the secrets to playing Golf in the Zone. This 2-CD set will prepare you to get into a mindset where your best golf will be played.

You will learn how to prepare, adjust and evaluate your golf game like the best on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

With the ZoneCoach as your guide you will learn the S.C.O.R.E.® Performance System, a secret performance formula that has worked for over 30 years. You will receive a mental toolbox full of solutions that you can use to reverse a poor round within seconds.

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