#GolfChat Authors Take On Slow Play


Tuesday Night’s Twitter #GolfChat, led by social media guru Zeb Welborn has attracted a large number of golf enthusiasts, including a significant number of dedicated golf bloggers. On the accompanying #GolfChat website, you’ll find top notch essays by some of those bloggers on the #GolfChat topic of the month. This month’s topic was that eternal bugbear of golf: Slow Play


Cassie Norris argues that pace of play is no big deal.

Slow play is golf’s scapegoat, according to Jeremy White.

Peter Flanagan suggests that proper spacing of tee times could reduce wait times.

Players should stop imitating the slow play of the professionals, writes Tony Dear.

Todd Marsh says owners and operators need to step up their games.

Ready play is the key, according to Jim Burton.

And finally, there’s my essay on playing from the proper tees.



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