Like As We Lie – Golf Poetry

Like As We Lie – Golf Poetry


Two golfers once set forth to play, 
Their names are not here stated; 
And one exhibited a trait 
Not to be imitated. 

It happened A got on the green, 

Rejoicing, with his second; 
But bunkered badly B was seen ; 
Himself unseen, he reckoned. 

The useful niblick A espies, 
And jets of sand in plenty; 
At last upon the green B lies, 
(He'd reached it just in twenty.) 

With triumph B approaches A, 
Whom he thinks none the wiser. 
And with a voice resounding gay. 
Calls out, "Like as we lie, sir." 

The face of A was good to see; 

With eye to terror strike, sir, 
He fixes that unblushing B, 

And says, "Lie as you like, sir."

- W. Maling-Wynch, from Lyrics of the Links, 1921

William Maling Wynch was a published 19th century poet, whose 1879 book Olden Memories: Songs and Poems can still be found. His son, Major Lionel Maling Wynch, CIE, was knighted in 1918.

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