LPGA Begins Drug Testing

Larry Bohannan of the Deseret Sun has a good article on the beginning of drug testing on the LPGA. What I find most interesting about the drug testing programs in all the sports is that the slightest misstep in diet could create a problem. There are thousands of products out there that either contain products that are on the banned list or that may trigger a false positive.

While the PGA Tour works to educate its players about drug testing before the advent of the new program in July, the LPGA Tour is already in full swing in its testing era as its year starts this week at the SBS Open in Hawaii.

And that means Paula Creamer is having to watch what she eats.

“You’re very aware of what you eat now, protein shakes and things like that,” said Creamer, who is the defending champion of the LPGA’s season-opening tournament at Turtle Bay. “It kind of puts a new set of eyes on what you eat and what you can’t, but I think it’s good for the game of golf.”

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