Magazine Apologizes For Fake Nude Elin Woods Photos

An Irish magazine that published fake nude photos of Elin Woods during the 2006 Ryder Cup has apologized and reportedly will pay the Woods $182,000 over two years. Elin had at one time worked as a model, but apparently had done no nudes.

I can’t imagine what the publisher of the Dubliner was thinking. He had to know that Tiger would hire an army of lawyers and descend upon Ireland like the Vikings of old (Dublin was actually founded by the Vikings in 841). Faced with an opponent who has unlimited resources, the Dubliner had no choice but to settle. They likely would have spent far more than $182,000 fighting it in court.

The Woods said that the money would be donated to cancer support charities in memory of Heather Clarke, the late wife of British golfer Darren Clarke.

The full article is here.

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