Man Hits 448 Yard Ace On Golf’s Toughest Hole

Bret Melson has hit a hole in one on a 448yd Par 4 at the Ko’olau Golf Club on Oahu. The hole is the toughest on a course rated by the USGA as the toughest in the world. Ko’olau has a slope of 158 anda course rating of 74.4.

Previously, the longest straight shot hole in one in golf history was hit by Robert Mitera on October 7, 1965 at the Miracle Hills Golf Club in Omaha, Nebraska where he used his driver to ace the 10th hole from 444 yards.

His proud teachers at the San Diego Golf Academy have a video on the event. It’s pretty well done.

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4 thoughts on “Man Hits 448 Yard Ace On Golf’s Toughest Hole”

  1. That just makes me feel like quitting. 

    ON another note though, it brings me one question- what is this guy hitting 400+ yard drives from the blue tee for?  He should be at the tournament tees, shouldn’t he?

    At my club, we have a few fairly strong doglegs, and there has often been the question if it should be allowed to go straight to the hole or play it as designed.  Here, dude is hitting over a rainforest, so no person or property is in danger of a lost ball, but on a Par 5 on my course, it is 415 to the green from the tee box, but you have to hit at about a 35-degree angle off the tee, over two houses and a cul-du-sac.  Even if you can do it, should you be allowed to?  (a few people try to do this, with very few clearing the tee box trees, or the trees in the first backyard which is crossed.  Of course, the road hole at St Andrews everyone cuts the dogleg blindly.

  2. In the office, one of my buddies thought that this might only be 270 from the tee if you don’t play the hole.  I don’t think it is that short, I would think that it is 330-350, but is that info somewhere on what the straight line distance is?

  3. I agree that because of the dogleg, it isn’t really 448 yards. But I think that it’s still counted as such because that’s the “official” length of the hole.

  4. you can look it up in google earth..
    from center of tee box to center of green is about 370 yards.. so he must have really bombed it.


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