Maruman Majesty Prestigio irons

Maruman Majesty Prestigio Irons
Maruman Majesty Prestigio Irons

Maruman Majesty Prestigio Irons

A super-premium brand from Japan, Maruman is known for its incredibly beautiful forged clubs.

The Majesty Prestigio has a “box structure with superior restitution performance,” which Maruman says greatly increases initial velocity. Further, the sweet spot on these clubs has been lowered for even more performance.

Each of the clubs in the set is specifically designed for performance. For example, the five through eight irons have tough maraging steel faces, shallow grooves and tungsten weighting. The wedges on the other hand have either soft maraging steel or custom 450 steel, and deep grooves.

All of that craftsmanship comes at a price, though: a set is more than $7,000


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