The RBC Heritage Winners and History

RBC Heritage

First played in 1969, the Heritage is one of just five of the Tour’s Invitationals. That means that it has a reduced field of 132 players (as opposed to the usual 156). There is no Monday qualifier, and the tournament does not have to fill its field according the the Priority Ranking Field.

Throughout its history, the site for The Heritage has Pete Dye’s now-famous Harbor Town Golf Links, with the exception of 1972, when the first two rounds were played at both the Harbor Town Golf Links and the Ocean Course at Sea Pines.

The tournament is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada for 2012. It had no sponsor in 2011. From 1987 to 2010, it was sponsored by either MCI (under either the MCI or WorldCom name), and by Verizon. Prior to that, the tournament was known variously as The Heritage Classic, The Sea Pines Heritage Classic, and the Sea Pines Heritage.

The Tournament’s position on the Tour schedule has changed quite a bit. From 1968 to 1972, it was played in November. In 1973, September. From 1974 to 1982, it was played two weeks before the Masters; and from 1983 to 2010, it usually was one week after the Masters. In 2011, it’s positioned two weeks after the Masters. Harbortown is a relatively short drive from Augusta, and the date following the Masters apparently has been popular for the players.

Tournament winners receive a red plaid jacket. Davis Love, III has won the tournament five times.

A list of RBC Heritage Winners o follows:

YearPlayerCountryScoreTo par1st Prize ($)Purse ($)
The RBC Heritage
2018Satoshi KodairaJapan272-121,206,0006,700,000
2017Wesley BryanUnited States271-131,170,0006,500,000
2016Branden GraceSouth Africa275-91,062,0005,900,000
2015Jim FurykUnited States266-181,062,0005,900,000
2014Matt KucharUnited States273-111,044,0005,800,000
2013Graeme McDowellNorthern Ireland275-91,044,0005,800,000
2012Carl PettersonSweden270-141,026,0005,700,000
2011Brandt SnedekerUnited States272-121,026,0005,700,000
Verizon Heritage
2010Jim FurykUnited States271-131,026,0005,700,000
2009Brian GayUnited States264-201,026,0005,700,000
2008Boo WeekleyUnited States269-15990,0005,500,000
2007Boo WeekleyUnited States270-14972,0005,400,000
2006Aaron BaddeleyAustralia269-15954,0005,300,000
MCI Heritage
2005Peter LonardAustralia277-7936,0005,200,000
2004Stewart CinkUnited States274-10864,0004,800,000
2003Davis Love IIIUnited States271-13810,0004,500,000
WorldCom Classic – The Heritage of Golf
2002Justin LeonardUnited States270-14720,0004,000,000
2001José CóceresArgentina273-11630,0003,500,000
MCI Classic
2000Stewart CinkUnited States270-14540,0003,000,000
1999Glen DayUnited States274-10450,0002,500,000
1998Davis Love IIIUnited States266-18342,0001,900,000
1997Nick PriceZimbabwe269-15270,0001,500,000
1996Loren RobertsUnited States265-19252,0001,400,000
1995Bob TwayUnited States275-9234,0001,300,000
MCI Heritage Golf Classic
1994Hale IrwinUnited States266-18225,0001,250,000
1993David EdwardsUnited States273-11202,5001,125,000
1992Davis Love IIIUnited States269-15180,0001,000,000
1991Davis Love IIIUnited States271-13180,0001,000,000
1990Payne StewartUnited States276-8180,0001,000,000
1989Payne StewartUnited States268-16144,000800,000
1988Greg NormanAustralia271-13126,000700,000
1987Davis Love IIIUnited States271-13117,000650,000
Sea Pines Heritage
1986Fuzzy ZoellerUnited States276-881,000450,000
1985Bernhard LangerWest Germany273-1172,000400,000
1984Nick FaldoEngland270-1472,000400,000
1983Fuzzy ZoellerUnited States275-963,000350,000
1982Tom WatsonUnited States280-454,000300,000
1981Bill RogersUnited States278-654,000300,000
1980Doug TewellUnited States280-454,000300,000
Sea Pines Heritage Classic
1979Tom WatsonUnited States270-1454,000300,000
Heritage Classic
1978Hubert GreenUnited States277-745,000225,000
1977Graham MarshAustralia273-1145,000225,000
Sea Pines Heritage Classic
1976Hubert GreenUnited States274-1043,000215,000
1975Jack NicklausUnited States271-1340,000200,000
1974Johnny MillerUnited States276-840,000200,000
1973Hale IrwinUnited States272-1230,000150,000
1972Johnny MillerUnited States281-425,000125,000
1971Hale IrwinUnited States279-522,000110,000
Heritage Golf Classic
1970Bob GoalbyUnited States280-420,000100,000
1969Arnold PalmerUnited States283-120,000100,000

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