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I got this email from a reader the other day.

I just discovered your golfblogger site after googling for "cold weather golf apparel". I live in Maryland and the weather is starting to get chilly. I plan on taking your advice on the pants, socks, hat and gloves. But there is still a big piece of the puzzle left before I start playing in the 40’s (or maybe 30’s): the upper body. What would you recommend for a shirt, a sweater and/or a jacket for the colder temperatures? Obviously there needs to be warmth but not too much restriction of movement. Thanks for your site (and, hopefully, your response).  I’m 45 years old and just getting back into golf after a 5 year layoff.

OK. Here’s what I do in the chilly climes of Michigan:

I wear a pair of flannel lined pants from LL Bean. For the top, I wear a Nike ClimaFit Mock Turtle. Over that, a heavy golf shirt. Then, a fleece vest. On the head, a Tilley Winter hat. On the feet, a pair of SmartWool socks.

Generally, that’s good for me, even when the temperatures go down to the 40s. If the wind gets up, I might also wear a pair of earmuffs.

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2 thoughts on “More Cold Weather Golf Advice”

  1. Here is my formula from the ground up.

    Merrill hiking shoes.
    Regular socks.
    Long underwear.
    Flanel lined wind pants.
    Tight tee shirt
    Tight under armour layer
    Cashmere sweater
    Wool hat.

    If it gets below 35, winter golf gloves are necessary.


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