Nassau Cavity Back Woods


I thought the USGA had rules about clubs having to be of a certain “traditional” shape.  This pac man club from Nassau Golf certainly doesn’t look traditional, but apparently it’s all kosher.

The idea is brilliant. Take a chunk out of the back of the club and redistribute the weight to the perimeter. The only downside that I can see is that it would move the weight forward, rather than back, which is the opposite of what other club designers seem to be trying to do these days.

You should check out their site. They’ve got a lot of other interesting stuff, like a midget putter and a very strangely shaped iron.

I think I’ll write more about them in the future. They look like they’re in a contest to out-mad-scientist Ralph Maltby at the Golfworks.

1 thought on “Nassau Cavity Back Woods”

  1. As a Engineer, this seems like a great club. If the center of gravity is closer to the shaft, the more stable the club head will be. Other club designers know this, however, they want you to keep buying clubs. Putting the weight toward the back away from the shaft is what caues twisting, and is a poor design. Square drivers help to offset the bad design, but from an engineering standpoint, the cavity back is probably just as good or better than the square drivers. I think I may buy on soon and write up a 2nd report.


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