NURU Golf Practice Drills and Tips Review


Nuru Golf Practice Drills and Tips

Grade: A

You really can’t beat the price on this one. For just $10—shipping included—NURU offers a deck of 30 tips and drills to improve your golf game. There are drills for working on swing mechanics, balance, power, accuracy, chipping and sand shots, putting and troubleshooting. Each offers a drill objective, an illustration, a list of needed equipment, and a clear description of the drill.

There is really nothing new to any of these drills, and Nuru doesn’t claim to have any new golf secret. But it’s nice to have them in such a handy, card sized format.

The cards are printed on a plastic material that appears only slightly thicker than a piece of paper. They are waterproof, and the company claims, rip proof (I have not actually tested this claim and don’t plan to). The cards are held together with an O-ring, which with a carabiner clip would easily attach to your bag.

This would make a terrific stocking stuffer for any golfer, at any skill level. We all can use reminders of how to fix our swings.

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