Pine Hollow Golf Course Review

Pine Hollow Golf Course Review
Eighteen at Pine Hollow is a 470 yard par 5

Pine Hollow Golf Course Review

Pine Hollow Golf Course
Jackson, Michigan
Grade: C-
Teacher’s Comments: Some nice holes, but rough around the edges

On the one hand, Pine Hollow is not a great course; on the other, it doesn’t claim to be (and is priced appropriately). I enjoyed my review round, but cannot see a situation in which I would return.

I had actually played Pine Hollow several times before. It is a favorite of some friends who grew up in the Jackson area, and we played there a couple of times when I was just learning the game. Pine Hollow was perfect for me then: friendly, inexpensive and not terribly difficult. Two hundred courses later, though, I see the warts I previously failed to notice.

The biggest wart for me at Pine Hollow were the course conditions. The course needs some work, starting with mowing the fairways. That’s a pretty basic requirement. The greens were looking rough, with bare spots. The cart path in many places had disintegrated entirely. Trees have overgrown the lines of approach.

The entire course felt rough around the edges. In its defense, however, Pine Hollow does not claim to be a premium, or championship course.

Pine Hollow Golf Course Review
A view of the green from the fairway on Pine Hollow’s seventeenth. Trees have grown over to block the lines of approach.

Pine Hollow is a par 71. From the back tees, it manages to eke out 6, 020 yards. From there, it plays to a 70.1/123. The Middle Tees are in at 5, 375 and play to a 69.2/120. A bogey golfer could have a career score at Pine Hollow.

In spite of the marginal conditions, there enough interesting holes at Pine Hollow to make it a fun outing. The course has some interesting elevation changes

Pine Hollow Golf Course Review
The fifteenth at Pine Hollow is a 390 yard par 4.

My favorite hole was the par four fifteenth. Beginning on a hill, it sweeps down, bends left and then rises slightly up to a perfectly framed green.

Pine Hollow Golf Course Review
A view from the fairway on Pine Hollow’s 15th

The eighteenth is another neat hole (see photo at top of page). A 470 yard par five, it has a large landing area off the tee. From there, the hole narrows, finishing through a tunnel-like grove of trees. Three shots of increasing accuracy are needed here.

Pine Hollow Golf Course Review
A view from the fairway on Pine Hollow’s eighteenth

I have some fond memories of Pine Hollow, but ultimately, it falls into the category of courses that I would play as a local, but for which I would no longer make a special trip.

The Pine Hollow Golf Course Review was first published May 4, 2020 from notes and photos taken on a round played Sept. 26, 2019. For more of GolfBlogger’s Michigan Golf Course Reviews, follow the link.

A photo tour of Pine Hollow follows.

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