Puma SoundChuck For Your Own Golfing Soundtrack

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I’m not sure how I feel about the Puma Soundchuck.

On the one hand, the young guys in my golf league seem to enjoy themselves immensely as they tool around in their carts with their favorite tunes providing their own personal soundtrack. With their beer, cigars and vodka jello shots, they’ve got a rolling golf party.

On the other hand, I rather enjoy the silence of a golf course. It’s the only place where someone isn’t demanding something of me. I love to spend several hours in quiet reflection.

If you’re inclined to the party, rather than the reflection, the SoundChuck is just the thing. It’s got quite the clever design. The two speakers are attached by a flexible cord, making them look like a set of nunchucks (nunchucks … soundchucks … get it?). When necessary, however, the speakers can be joined via powerful magnets. This makes it easy to loop the speakers around, say, a bag or golf cart frame and keep them there.

The whole thing works through bluetooth connectivity, so you can play the music from your phone or iPod. Other features:

The new PUMA SOUNDCHUCK product features include:
Wireless, pairing with any Bluetooth Audio device
A lightweight, sleek design weighing less than 1 pound
Weather resistant and great for indoor or outdoor use
6+ hours of battery life
Ease of use and ease of charge with a Micro-USB Cable
Voice prompt activated
Unique speakers that can magnetically connect together
Take and answer calls via the built-in microphone
Crystal clear Hi-Fi acoustics

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1 thought on “Puma SoundChuck For Your Own Golfing Soundtrack”

  1. I’m with you.  In fact a friend was just pointing out how all the twenty something’s used carts, and his son ( a twenty something) pointed out that it was difficult to carry enough beer (now that the cart services aren’t out) and walk.  i.e. party on the move

    I like the contemplative nature of golf,  but I’m getting up there.  There are plenty of places to party,  that’s what every body sells as entertainment.  I just want to hear myself think, and enjoy my friend’s opinions.


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