Random British Open Championship Thoughts Day 4

I spent the day on the road and just finished watching the final round of the Open Championship. Here are some random thoughts.

Why—when Tiger gets a lead—do so many other players just seem to lay down? Are they intimidated? I can’t imagine that’s the case. They’re professionals, after all. And many of them (especially Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk) have the same level of talent as Tiger.

Chris DiMarco is a real fighter. There’s no give up in that guy. I don’t think that his talent is up to Tiger’s, but he has just as much mental toughness.

Sergio choked on his putter. Someone needs to tell him that on his first shot he needs to make sure that it at least gets to the hole. And he needs to lose the banana suit he was wearing today. I can’t ever forsee the day when someone says “Yellow is the color of champions” (except in the Tour de France—but that’s France.)

I’m disappointed with the round. Not because Tiger won, but because no one challenged him.

Furyk apparently was psyched out by Tiger on the practice tee. After he bogeyed the first two holes, he was done.

Who is this Andreas Romero guy?

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2 thoughts on “Random British Open Championship Thoughts Day 4”

  1. It was a pleasure to watch Tiger of old play this weekend at the British Open.  He put on a clinic on Sunday and disected the Liverpool course with the low round of the day and finishing -18 under.

  2. Garcia’s press interview was more embarassing then his play on Sunday.  Total denial.. too bad none of the press had the guts to tell him so.  Hey if you play like a banana why not look like one.


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