Soudal Open Winners and History

Soudal Open Winners and History

The Soudal Open is the latest incarnation of the Belgian Open, which has been staged off and on since 1910.

With a new sponsor (and thus a name change), the Soudal Open returns to a stroke play format after two years in a “knockout format,” which combined stroke and match play.

The “knockout” format was a bit of a curiosity that obviously didn’t catch on. It involved a 36 hole stroke play qualifier, followed by a series of nine hole match play “knockouts” between the top 64 players.

Soudal is a Belgian company that produces caulks and sealants, including materials using silicone, polyurethane, marine sealants, acrylics, foams and adhesives.  

The inaugural Belgian Open was won by Arnaud Massy, who won the 1907 Open Championship. He remains France’s only Major Championship winner. Other notable Soudal Open winners include Walter Hagen, Roberto De Vicenzo, Nick Faldo and Lee Westwood.

As a side note, while I am happy that companies such as Soudal are stepping up to sponsor golf tournaments, I find it sad that the tournaments’ traditional names are lost in the monetary shuffle. It couldn’t hurt for this tournament to be known as the Soudal Belgian Open.

The Belgian Open became an official European Tour event in 1978

A list of Soudal Open Winners follows

Soudal Open
2023Simon ForsstromSweden267 (-17)1 stroke
2022Sam HorsfieldEngland271 (-13)2 strokes
2021 – No tournament
2020 – No tournament
Belgian Knockout
2019Guido MigliozziItaly-3 to +14 strokes
2018Adrian OtaeguiSpain-3 to -12 Strokes
2001–17: No tournament
Belgacom Open
2000Lee Westwood England266 (−18)4 strokes
1999Robert Karlsson Sweden272 (−12)1 stroke
1998Lee Westwood England268 (−16)Playoff
1995–97: No tournament
Alfred Dunhill Open
1994Nick Faldo England279 (−5)Playoff
1993Darren Clarke Northern Ireland270 (−14)2 strokes
Piaget Belgian Open
1992Miguel Ángel Jiménez Spain274 (−10)3 strokes
Renault Belgian Open
1991Per-Ulrik Johansson Sweden276 (−12)Playoff
Peugeot-Trends Belgian Open
1990Ove Sellberg Sweden272 (−16)4 strokes
Volvo Belgian Open
1989Gordon J. Brand England273 (−11)4 strokes
1988José María Olazábal Spain269 (−15)4 strokes
1987Eamonn Darcy Ireland200 (−13)1 stroke
Belgian Open
1980–86: No tournament
1979Gavan Levenson South Africa279 (−5)3 strokes
1978Noel Ratcliffe Australia280 (−12)1 stroke
1959–77: No tournament
1958Ken Bousfield England2713 strokes
1957Bernard Hunt England280Playoff
(36 holes)
1956Flory Van Donck Belgium2698 strokes
1955Dave Thomas Wales2901 stroke
1954Dai Rees Wales2871 stroke
1953Flory Van Donck Belgium2709 strokes
1952Antonio Cerdá Argentina2864 strokes
1951Albert Pelissier France2795 strokes
1950Roberto De Vicenzo Argentina2824 strokes
1949Jimmy Adams Scotland2832 strokes
1948Willie Forrester Scotland288
1947Flory Van Donck Belgium283
1946Flory Van Donck Belgium2894 strokes
1940–45: No tournament due to World War II
1939Flory Van Donck Belgium2911 stroke
1938Henry Cotton England27713 strokes
1937Marcel Dallemagne France2854 strokes
1936Auguste Boyer France2851 stroke
1935Bill Branch England283Playoff
(36 holes)
1934Henry Cotton England2793 strokes
1933Auguste Boyer France2823 strokes
1932Arthur Lacey England2912 strokes
1931Arthur Lacey England3011 stroke
1930Henry Cotton England28111 strokes
1929Sid Brews South Africa3001 stroke
1928Albert Tingey Jr. England2973 strokes
1927Marcel Dallemagne France140
1926Aubrey Boomer Jersey1379 strokes
1925Eugène Lafitte France1421 stroke
1924Walter Hagen United States142
1923Percy Boomer Jersey143
1922Aubrey Boomer Jersey1501 stroke
1921Eugène Lafitte France14510 strokes
1920Rowland Jones England154Playoff
1915–19: No tournament due to World War I
1914Tom Ball England1444 strokes
1913Tom Ball England1451 stroke
1912George Duncan Scotland144Playoff
1911Charles Mayo England1443 strokes
1910Arnaud Massy France1395 strokes

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