The GolfBlogger At 52

The GolfBlogger At 52
The GolfBlogger At 52

I got out for a birthday round today at Green Oaks in Ypsilanti. I usually count the year as a good golf season if I can get out to play on my birthday. Today the temperature was in the mid-70s … shorts weather, as you can see.

It has been a good year. I started a weight lifting and stretching program at a local gym a year ago, and cannot remember when I physically felt as good as I do now. I’ve lost weight. My lower back and neck issues have all but disappeared (knock on wood). I have literally added thirty yards to my drives. I’m fifteen yards longer with my irons. I am by no means ready for a shot at state seniors competitions, but I feel really good about my game at this point.

Looking forward to another great year.


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