The PGA Tour Could Use This Sort of Fire

Lorena Ochoa not only is the best on the LPGA Tour, she may also be the most competitive player on any of the golf tours. Yes, I know that the conventional wisdom says that title belongs to Tiger, but after reading Howard Sounes The Wicked Game, I’m not so sure that his main motivation isn’t money.

Ochoa on the other hand says she just wants to win. From a Yahoo sports article:

Ochoa was trying to win for the fourth time in her last five events, but came up short for the second straight week. She tied for third last weekend in the Navistar LPGA Classic in Prattville, Ala. Ochoa still became the first woman to earn $3 million in a single season.

“I don’t care about the money,” Ochoa said. “I do not like to lose. That hurts me.”

Still, I’m sure she’d going to enjoy the $3 million.

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3 thoughts on “The PGA Tour Could Use This Sort of Fire”

  1. Whether it is pure golf or the most money, it is still Tiger’s competiveness- so I am not sure the difference, unless you are just talking about it being “pure”.  But I also wonder if Lorena says this because it sounds good, she has too much class to say “Woohoo, I made 3 mil this year”.

    Another point may be just as if Tiger doesn’t feel as much pressure in making a putt because he doesn’t really need that $600k between 1st and 2nd; Lorena may psyche herself into taking the money out.  We all know how much taking all the pressures out is important.  It is still a near miracle I think that Natalie was able to win with all those pressures in her head about not having won yet.

    I really like Ochoa; I like to dream that one day I can hit the ball as far as a girl who is a foot shorter than I am. 

    Also, even though Ochoa is dominating, she is beatable in a way which Tiger isn’t-  not because of anything she lacks, but because the parity is greater in the LPGA.  She can play her top game and still be beaten by one of the other ladies.  When Tiger is playing his best, nobody comes close and it gets boring.

  2. I tried to sign “Rory” to that second comment about tiger being beatable.  Now I am clogging the interweb tubes with my 3rd post to explain my 2nd post.


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