The Walking Dead and Golf


imageI’m a big fan of the AMC television program “The Walking Dead,” and I was amused to note that much of the most recent episode takes place at an old country club. While in the clubhouse, Darryl and Beth encounter the revenants of the former club members, including a few who hung themselves rather than face the Zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately for them, death just turns you into a zombie. I love the zombie in the club sweater—I like to think he was the “pro.” I also thought it was excellent that Darryl took out a zombie swarm with an iron.

Killing Zombies is about the only use I can think of for a one-iron.

This isn’t the first golf connection with the series. In earlier episodes, it was revealed that The Governor had a golf habit:


There were some fun scenes of him plunking balls off zombies like so many driving range ball retrieval carts.

An episode recap, with spoilers., and other “golf scenes” is below.

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