Top Flite’s D2 Man Rap

Top Flite is one of those golf brands that doesn’t get any respect. I’d venture to say that we all started out playing them, but that as our games progressed, we moved on to more upscale balls. The brand now sports a new technology—the dimple in dimple—and is trying to find a new image. To do this, they’ve released on YouTube a viral video of a rapping golf superhero called D2 Man (I’m spreading the virus right here, of course, so its working).

The guy in the tights is Nate Randal, Top Flite’s senior manager of integrated marketing. He created the character and the video last summer with brand director Paul English. English is a University of Michigan guy.

Give it a watch. It’s funny.

2 thoughts on “Top Flite’s D2 Man Rap”

  1. I like the D2 straights.  I used to be a noodle rottini fan, but the D2’s and the Wilson 50/50’s have really impressed me so far.  I bought some Bridgestone e6’s to try this year.  For the price though, they would have to really impress.


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