True TL-01 Golf Shoe Review

True TL-01 Golf Shoe

True TL-01 Golf Shoe Review

True TL-01 Golf Shoe
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Amazingly comfortable.

True has carved out a niche for itself by designing minimalist shoes specifically for walking golfers. With ultra soft materials and a “zero drop” cushion, these are the closest thing to bare feet you can wear on the course.

Bare feet on the course are not a bad thing. Sam Snead said that when he felt that his rhythm was off, he would take off his shoes and socks and play barefoot. In fact, he did so for nine holes at the 1942 Masters.

If Sam was wearing a pair of True TL-01 shoes, he would not have needed to risk offending Clifford Roberts.

The True TL-01 Golf Shoe

As of this writing, I have walked more than sixty miles in the True TL-01 shoes. They are amazingly comfortable and provide as much traction as any “hybrid” shoe that I have worn.

Even better: as with Sam Snead and his bare feet, I think that these shoes actually improve my game. They are so light and flexible that I feel as though my footwork is effortless.

How light? Try 8.5 ounces light.

The treads on the True Linkswear’s TL-01 Golf Shoes

This was not a case of love-at-first-wearing, however. When I first put the True Linkswear TL-01s on, I thought that I had requested the wrong size for this review. They felt a bit tight through the front sides and oddly, somewhat loose in the heel.

Half a hole of walking in, however, and all concerns had disappeared. The True TL-01 golf shoes had seemingly molded themselves to my foot (in a good way).

A key feature of the True TL-01 (and indeed of all the True golf shoes) is the Zero Drop cushion. What that means is that there is no elevation to the heel. That is, of course, how nature designed us; early man did not have shoes with heels.

In theory, then, the Zero Drop should offer a more natural balance. In practice, I think it does.

The one downside to the True TL-01 is that the soles are soft enough that I can feel every rock on the gravel cart paths of my home course. They’re actually a bit painful in that respect. I make a point of walking off to the side of the paths when going from hole to hole.

Another potential negative is that the shoes are “weather-ready” rather than waterproof (True has other models that are advertised as “waterproof.” They have held up well in heavy dew, but I have avoided them on rounds where I am likely likely to face significant rain.

True advertises the TL-01 has being a shoe that you can take from the course to work (or more likely work to course). They do indeed look more like a pair of basic sneakers than golf shoes. The treads also are flat enough that they won’t impede walking on hard floors or concrete.

I think that the True TL-01 Golf shoes are worth a try by any serious walking golfer — or even a riding golfer who wants to feel more in contact with the ground.

Highly recommended.

The True TL-01 Golf Shoe review was first published October 31, 2019 on GolfBlogger.Com.

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