Parking On The Putting Green

The ten yards from cart path to putting green apparently was too far to walk. … Read more.

Enviro Wacko Parking

Spotted at a plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike: The state of Pennsylvania has gone over … Read more.

Eisenhower In World Golf Hall Of Fame

Dwight Eisenhower has become the first president inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. … Read more.

Azinger Disqualifies Himself At The Travelers

Another example of how golf is different from other sports: Following a first round 68 … Read more.

Golf Bag Mailbox

Golf Bag Mailbox Ridiculous Golf Item Of The Week

No Ads On Michigan High School Uniforms

The Michigan High School Athletic Association has decided that high school teams cannot sell ad … Read more.

Golf To Impress Covers Japanese Golf Equipment

I’ve recently discovered Golf to Impress, a blog specializing in the coverage of Japanese golf … Read more.

Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine: the Curious Quest That Solved Golf - Book Review

Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine: The Curious Quest That Solved Golf by Scott Gummer Grade: CTeacher’s … Read more.

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