A Driver On His Head

Tonight, my four year old told me that he wanted a driver on his head.

Like much of what he says, that didn’t make much sense, so I began to ask him ask him a seriesof questions to see if I could figure out what he was talking about: “Do you want to go for a bike ride?,” I asked, thinking that he wanted to put on his helmet.

“No,” he said. “A driver!”

“Do you mean a car ride?”

“No!, not a car ride.”

Finally, growing exasperated with me, he put a hand on his head and began saying “Buzz Buzz”.”

“Aha,” I said, finally understanding. “You want a haircut.” He wanted me to drive the clippers over his head. That made some sense. His hair was a bit long.

He nodded and ran off to get his haircutting stool. I went to get the electric clippers.

When I got back, his face lit up and he pointed at the clippers.

“That’s the one,” he said. “That’s the TaylorMade Driver.”

I think there may be too much golf in our house.


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