A Late November Nine

I had not been feeling well all day—symptoms included a stuffy head, slightly upset stomach, and nascent fever—and my goal after work was to go home and take a nap. But as I made my way to the car after the final bell, the sunshine got to me. The temperature was in the low 50s and that’s so unusual for Michigan for this time of year that I decided to suck it up and squeeze in a nine in lieu of a nap.

I’m glad I did. It was a bit cold when I started, but the walking soon warmed me up and I began to feel better. On the second hole, I joined a retired gentleman named John who also was walking. Then, on the third, we caught up to another pair of walkers, John and Mitch, a regular pair that I had played with on several previous occasions. We got around in fairly short order and finished just as the sun started to go down and the temperature was dropping. It was great fun.

In the end, I really didn’t play very well. Wild tee shots doomed me on nearly every hole. But it really didn’t matter. It was November 29 in Michigan, and I was playing golf.

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2 thoughts on “A Late November Nine”

  1. How I loved Columbus and Pittsburgh, but now that I golf, I can’t imagine having to go without playing for months.  Hope you find some decent weather to play in December!

  2. I have come to believe that an “off season” is good for me.  It allows me to rest and recuperate and fuels my desire.  Truly, nothing is as restorative as that first round of golf in March or early April after a long layoff.


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