A New Kind of Golf

imageBubba’s Family Fun Factory in Richmond,  Michigan features an inventive game of table top golf, which is played on waist high tables,  covered with astroturf. The Macomb daily reports:

Tabletop golf at Bubba’s is played on modular tables about three feet above the ground, covered in artificial turf. You hit the balls with one of three swing-arm pendulum “clubs:” the driver (red), fairway (white) and putter (blue). The driver, the heaviest of the three, remains stationary at the beginning of each hole, but the other two can be moved.

There are also a few obstacles to increase the difficulty of each hole, such as a bump in the green or a board with a hole in it across the fairway. Davis intends to add more, including water hazards.

“It’s (supposed to be) a 72-par course,” Davis said, “but people do it in 50.”

This looks like fun, and I’m going to schedule a trip on a cold, snowy day.


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1 thought on “A New Kind of Golf”

  1. If anyone is interested in buying the business, all of the gaming tables, pendulums and equipment, please let me know.


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