A Spring Round At Pierce Lake, Chelsea, Michigan


I managed to get out to play again yesterday for my second round in as many days. This time, it was at the excellent Pierce Lake GC in Chelsea, Michigan.

It was as good a day for golf as I’ve seen this year: temperatures were in the mid-fifties, the sun was shining and wind was down. With the sun, it felt warm enough that I was able to ditch the fleece and play in shirtsleeves.


Conditions at Pierce Lake were terrific, with nary a sign of damage from the long winter. That stands in marked contrast to other courses I’ve visited this spring. It is evident that the greens crew there has worked very hard to get things ready for the season.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my driving. I was absolutely killing the irons and draining putts, but I just couldn’t get a decent tee shot. When I wasn’t popping the ball up for a one-hundred-sixty yard drive, I was hitting a low runner that barely got fifty feet off the ground.

The low runners, at least, had pretty good distance.


I liked the new flags. With the red and white, they really stand out.

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3 thoughts on “A Spring Round At Pierce Lake, Chelsea, Michigan”

  1. Pierce Lake uses the “Hole Position #X” system.  The have a card with each green’s various hole positions listed 1 thru 6.  So on #1 hole and position #3 for that day, the hole is front right.  On hole #2 the #3 pin position is back left, and so on.

    The trick is to pick up the pin position card.  When I played there last week I neglected to get on so while I knew it was pin position #1, I had no idea where #1 was on several greens.  Other than a few holes, typically one can see the position, any way.

    Finally, I concur with GB’s assessment.  Pierce Lake was in fine shape when I played.


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